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FeelGoodNow™ was started by a passion for making other people feel good. Proactive health and wellness instead of reactive medicine is a booming trend. FeelGoodNow’s mission is to make people Feel Good Now ™. We are a proactive wellness spa that is focused on bringing innovative health choices to our clients when and where they want to experience it.

Our pillars are infusion nutritional IV and Intra-Muscular (IM) therapy utilizing an on-demand online platform. On-Demand access to forward thinking health treatments and a commitment to an excellent experience for our clientele are the lifeblood of our company. We look forward to being your epicenter for wellness. Wellness is no longer just about yearly checkups. There are so many more choices and you can be in the driver seat of how you look and feel everyday. Our physician designed IV nutrition can expedite your recovery, support your immune system, provide you with more energy, and keep you looking youthful.

Our Vitality Shots (IM) are a quick way to provide increased performance and a decreased waistline. As a client, expect a superior level of service and attention, new and innovative treatments, and take part of a like-minded community of people that want to live a bold and vital life.



Call or Text Us at 317-762-4758. We will call you back and schedule a time and a medical professional.


Our medical professional will get an in-person history and vitals.


Infusion time is 30 min on average and then… FEEL GOOD NOW™!



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